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I was really dreading it, and had put it off to the last possible moment. I didn't really know what to expect but was really pleasantly surprised. The teachers put us at ease straight away and I can honestly say it was one of the best training courses I've been on. Although I will add that I never want to repeat the experience! :) They made things as light-hearted as they could be, making us laugh throughout, but making sure the seriousness of why we all there wasn't lost. A great skill! The content of the course was really educational and supportive and has given me a lot to think about and use to make positive changes. Many thanks to all.

Matt. West Midlands

​I chose this course because it was the cheapest available and the venue was the closest to me. I was surprised at the large spectrum of people on the course, all ages, experiences and backgrounds. Although I have not been driving long, there was a lot to learn about driving as well as alcohol. The course was very interactive and everyone got involved. Other attendees were very friendly and the driving instructors were really nice too and quite funny. I could say that I would recommend the course to my friends, (or maybe not - if you know what I mean)

Hannah. Peterborough

I am a real technophobe and was very worried about this course being on Zoom as I have never done anything like it before, but it was really easy and I received lots of help from the people at Aspire. I am recently bereaved and was dreading going on this course, as I expected it to upset me by revisiting the traumatic experience that brought me there in the first place. The course was very informative and I confronted a lot of issues, which strangely now help me to feel more at peace. The tutors are very sympathetic and understanding. There was a real comradely feel to the course with everyone there being very supportive. I have actually made a few friends, which I intend to keep in touch with. Yes, a very worthwhile course.

Denis. Hastings

I am amazed! I only went on the course so I could get my licence back earlier for work reasons – but was pleasantly surprised. I was quite nervous, as I have not been in a classroom environment since I was at school. I expected the worst and to be treated like a child or even a criminal, but instead the trainers were friendly and very respectful and spoke to us on a level without being at all judgemental. I was expecting the police, but the trainers were driving instructors. The course was in fact a real eye opener – and dare I say, I actually enjoyed it? Thank you, guys for making the experience a positive one.

Cathy. Guildford

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